Checking Out The Slab Foundation Technique

Checking Out The Slab Foundation Technique


Home foundations are incredibly interesting, in my opinion. This is especially true of the older techniques, especially when you still see them in use today. Many of these classic techniques, while not as popular as when they first appeared, continue to be used by admirers of the older styles today. One foundation technique that fits that bill is slab foundation. slab foundation repair Austin TX


Which could sound like something that is slapped together, however it is not really. It is a simpler method to build a home because all it calls for is laying out a concrete slab in the ground. That's actually it. The particular perimeter is usually around 2 feet deep, using a shallow interior between 3 to 4 inches holding the whole thing up. Plastic can be wrapped around it to prevent moisture accumulation.


Another benefit of this old foundation strategy is its cost. It does not cost greatly to do. For many people, that is more than enough of a reason to use it compared to more contemporary and expensive techniques.


I prefer simplicity in design in the event it makes sense. And, I think this technique makes a lot of sense. I also that way it is affordable, especially with the amount of other expensive items that go into building a home. slab foundation repair Austin TX